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Friday, April 22, 2011

Fairfield High School to compete in State Large Group Music Contest

The State Large Group Music Contest will be held Friday, May 6 at Ft. Madison High School.  Under the auspices of the Iowa High School Music Association, the contest is held at several performance centers around the state on May 6 and May 7.  Choirs and bands will be performing two to three pieces of music for a panel of three judges who will assign each group a rating of I (Superior), II (Excellent), or III (Good).  Adjudicators will be giving written and audio criticism along with the final rating, which is designed as feedback for groups on ways they can improve their performances.  Fairfield High School will be sending approximately 220 students in five different groups to compete: 9-12 Women's Choir, 9-12 Men's Choir, Chamber Choir, Freshman Band and 10-12 Concert Band.  The event is open to the public, and a small admission fee will be charged.
Here are the performance times for Fairfield's groups:
      Freshman Band - 4:50 pm
     10-12 Band - 6:25 pm
      Men's Choir - 7:00 pm
      Women's Choir - 7:35 pm
      Chamber Choir - 8:10 pm

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