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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Pence Students Shine in Spring Concert May 24th

The Pence 2nd, 3rd and 4th graders certainly did "shine" as they presented their spring concert entitled "Children of the World" on May 24th in the high school auditorium.  Under the glare of the hot stage lights, students sang folk songs and read fun facts about the countries of Italy, Mexico, South Africa, Wales, Israel, Japan, Germany, Canada and the United States.  Also included in the concert was a power point presentation of iconic pictures of each country.  Each class also made a poster of fun facts and pictures about their country, which was on display in the lobby of the auditorium.   I would like to thank the following for helping make the concert a success:  Nathan Wear
                  Zach Reiter - Lights and Sound
                  Power Point & Curtain - Rachel Keller
                  Videographer - John Grunwald
                  Classroom teachers - Mrs. Shea, Mrs. Bowman, Mrs. Sobaski, Ms. Crall, Mrs. Lewis,
                  Mrs. Hutchings, Mr. Boatright, Mr. Strickler and Mrs. Buckley
                  FHS Choirs - Platform risers

Congratulations, students!!

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