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Monday, November 28, 2011

Eleven in '11

Here are some pictures from the All-State Music Festival in Ames on November 17-19.  
Fairfield All-State Band and Choir 2011
Front row left to right - Forrest Miller, Matt Burnstedt, Haven Tichy, Mitch Goudy, Matt McCan
Back row - Mr. Edgeton, Mr. Reiter, Max Sloat, Shannon Cochran, Baylee Bowman, Lindsey Higgins, Kaylen Marlay,
Claudia Sloat, Mrs. Keller

Matt McCan, 3rd year trumpet

First year vocals left to right - Forrest Miller, Baylee Bowman, Claudia Sloat, Mitch Goudy, Kaylen Marlay

Bowman Quartet Left to right - Haven Tichy, Baylee Bowman, Matt Burnstedt, Claudia Sloat

Cochran Quartet Left to right - Forrest Miller, Lindsey Higgins, Shannon Cochran, Max Sloat

Shannon Cochran, 4 year Soprano with Mr. Reiter and Mrs. Keller

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