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Monday, November 7, 2011

Fairfield High School Gets 11 Into All-State Choir and Band!

FHS had one of its most successful years ever at the All-State Music Auditions held at Fairfield on Saturday, October 22nd.  Ten vocalists and one instrumentalist made the final cut into the All-State Choir and Band, which ties the all-time school record set in 2006.  Vocalists include Senior Shannon Cochran - 4th year All-State Soprano, Senior Max Sloat - 3rd year All-State Bass, Senior Haven Tichy - 2nd year All-State Bass, Senior Lindsey Higgins - 2nd year All-State Alto, Senior Matt Burnstedt - 2nd year All-State Tenor, Senior Kaylen Marlay - 1st year All-State alto, Junior Forrest Miller - 1st year All-State tenor, Junior Mitch Goudy - 1st year All-State tenor, Sophomore Claudia Sloat - 1st year All-State alto, and Sophomore Baylee Bowman - 1st year All-State soprano. Senior Matt McCan was the trumpet player selected for the All-State Band.  He is a 3rd year All-State Band member.

The selectivity of these ensembles is evidenced by the fact that approximately 12-15% of the students who audition are selected.  Fairfield can also be proud that they had the 3rd highest number of students selected in the southeast district, behind only Iowa City West and Iowa City City High.  Instrumental coaches are Jim Edgeton and Aaron Adam.  Vocal coaches are Connie Keller and Zach Reiter.

The All-Staters will be rehearsing at Iowa State University November 17-19, with the concert scheduled for Saturday night, November 19 in Hilton Coliseum.  The event is under the auspices of the Iowa High School Music Association, in conjunction with the Iowa Music Educators Association.

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