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Monday, January 16, 2012

The Advantages of Music Listening

Did you know...
Medical researchers have reported that subjects lowered both their systolic and diastolic blood pressure as much as five points (mm/Hg) and reduced heart rates by four to five beats per minute following music listening sessions.  People with high blood pressure can help keep their blood pressure down by listening to relaxing low frequency music in the morning and evening.
-Tony Wigram, "The Psychological and Physiological Effects of Low Frequency Sound and Music,"  Music Therapy Perspectives, 1995.

Did you know...
Students with good rhythmic performance ability can more easily detect and differentiate between patterns in math, music, science, and the visual arts.
-"Rhythm seen as key to man's evolutionary development," TCAMS Professional Resource Center, 2000.

Did you know...
Students in arts programs are more likely to try new things, and they can better express their own ideas to friends, teachers, and parents.
-Champions of Change, the President's Council on the Arts and Humanities, 1999.

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